Grab a quick bite at Bombay Brunch, Satyaniketan

If you're a Delhiite with a heart that forever longs for Bombay-style street food, this one's for you. While I am likely to order some cheesy snack every time I go out to eat, it's stuff like Sev puri, bhel puri, pao bhaji, gol gappe (if you call it pani puri, get out) that my untimely cravings are made of. I love Delhi and its chaat but sometimes all a Boy needs is a hearty vada pao to get his through the day and there are JUST not enough places serving it in the city- not the real deal, anyway. I found Bombay Brunch at a time when I was sick of eating tasteless versions of these foods in the recently opened cafes. This one takes care of the authenticity by not trying to make it too fancy and also, of the hygiene aspect.

As I scanned the menu, I wanted to try everything but settled for a classic vada pao and a cheese dabeli. Vada Pao came with the chilli garlic powder and fried green chilli and mint chutney. The stuffing of the vada was super simple and thankfully, not overpowered with garlic and the pao, perfectly toasted in butter. It was all very spicy- LOVED IT!

The Cheese on the dabeli, I wish was melted instead of simply sprinkled. The stuffing wasn't over sweet as most places tend to make it but rather tangy. The crunch of the peanuts and pomegranate was great!

This is all I could eat in a single visit but I can't wait to try their open sandwiches and pizzas! While they have experimented with food a lot, there could have been more options for drinks with local flavours (hello, kaala khatta?) instead of the usual mojitos and shakes that almost all cafes in the area are already serving.

It's a very small cafe but tastefully decorated with edgy elements like copper boards and headlights.

Definitely worth a visit!!

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